Lunar Giant Studios is Publishing Tetrapulse

Lunar Giant Studios, the creative minds that brought you Delve Deeper, have signed on as publisher for Chicago-based dev team The Amiable’s forthcoming game Tetrapulse. It will be released March 2014.

Tetrapulse is a two- to four-player, single-screen co-op game where players battle invading robo-bugs using the only ammunition they have left: their life-force. Every shot drains health as players work together to protect the Heartstone, an ancient battery that recharges players. To succeed players must work together to move the Heartstone, outsmart enemies, and protect their teammates.

They’re currently doing a Kickstarter to raise funds to finish development. Check it out on Kickstarter. The campaign ends Sept. 24.

Additional details, screenshots, and press kit are available at

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