Who is Lunar Giant?

Lunar Giant is an independent game company located in Mokena, Illinois (outside Chicago). We make games with a quirky retro flair like Delve Deeper and Mega Ran: The Game. We also run the coworking/hackerspace SpaceLab 1, and are deeply involved in the games community in Chicago.


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We are synonymous with Delve Deeper. That game, which we released in September 2010 introduced players to our take on the incredibly lucrative dwarves-in-tunnels genre. It’s been critically well-received and we’ve developed a loyal fan base around it. While we certainly don’t own the patent on dwarf games, Delve Deeper is what we are known for…. Read more »

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As hackerspace founders, and makers ourselves, Russ and I have quite a bit to say about open source hardware and how it’ll play a role in the future of video games. Apropos right now considering the recent Steam controller announcement.

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Ask The Amiable and Lunar Giant anything about Tetrapulse. We mean that. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, and getting you as excited about Tetrapulse as we are. Today, September 20th, for one day only, from 1pm-4pm Chicago time, we will be joining forces with The Amiable to answer your questions… Read more »

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  My life is mostly video games (said every gamer ever). I’m in law school specializing in video game law. I write papers, articles, and blog posts about video games. I work for a(n amazing) video game developer and publisher. I dabble in C++ and build video game cosplays when I’m bored. And when I… Read more »


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Lunar Giant Studios, the creative minds that brought you Delve Deeper, have signed on as publisher for Chicago-based dev team The Amiable’s forthcoming game Tetrapulse. It will be released March 2014. Tetrapulse is a two- to four-player, single-screen co-op game where players battle invading robo-bugs using the only ammunition they have left: their life-force. Every… Read more »