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I know it’s been a while, but the wait is worth it. Delve Deeper v. 1.3 is finally here! The new version is currently available from Steam and will soon be updated on GamersGate, Impulse, and our Lunar Giant Store. Thanks to everyone’s suggestions on the forums, we implemented the new auto-tile selection system! The new system reduces play time significantly and drastically improves the flow of the game. The king is always pleased with an improvement that brings in more treasure… and faster.

In addition, numerous game issues were fixed, including (but not limited to) the extra mining bug that sometimes allowed for a player to grab twice the lewt they should be able to at the end of a turn, and the tile placement bug allowing a player to play into depths that their tunnel system hadn’t yet reached. The last of the broken steam achievements are… well… achievable (, finally). Thanks for all the patience in the Steam community while we got those corrected. I used to be a bit of a completionist gamer myself and know how annoying it is to see a 97% on a progress bar :) Check out the following changelog for a more complete list of the updates in 1.3.

For those Delvers interested in the details:

Version 1.3 (6/22/2011 or thereabouts)
New Features:
Auto-tile drop mode: Sheer, unadulterated awesomeness, the new default option on the tile placement phase of a turn makes play much more elegant.
Valid placement highlights: When you select a tile for placement, or enter auto-tile placement, all hexes with valid tile placements are now highlighted in green, invalid placements in red.
The Royal Gallery now displays separate sections for add-on relic files.

The last player no longer occasionally mines twice at the end of their turn.
Achievement fixes for Rune Mastery, Slime’s Sappin’, and Fae Friend.
Fixed menu navigation bugs with the gamepad.
Fixed a crash on the main menu caused by multiple entrances and exits from the new game screen.
Fairy (Pink) Dragons now drop loot.
Kingly level messages added for our first DLC!
Fixed a bug that caused AI dwarves to occasionally walk through occupied hexes.
Resolved a button mashing related crash.