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Now Available! Delve Deeper: Treasures and Tunnels

What’s better than 20 levels of tunnel digging adventure for under 5$? How about: 10 exciting new levels for only 99 cents. Oh and what the heck, we’ll throw in 25% more treasure for those of you who like collecting things, especially those who enjoy semi-forced puns.

That’s right! Our new Tunnels and Treasures downloadable content is now available on Steam, and will be available on GamersGate and as a stand-alone very soon!

It’s new maps are painstakingly crafted using only the most advanced SpaceLab technologies. The result: levels that are specifically tailored for new strategies, specific dwarf-types and some very precarious (and oftentimes slimy!) situations.
And that’s not all! Delve Deeper: Treasures and Tunnels also comes with some of the most dynamic, game-changing, gut-busting relics to date. We’ve harnessed the future of pun technologies with these new relics, and guarantee 110% more humor from every new collectable.

So don’t delay: buy a copy of Tunnels and Treasures today!