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If I had a super power, it would almost certainly be the ability to make technology fail, or function in crazy ways, at the worst possible times.

Behold! I am Zed (alter ego Suzanne), the best.intern.ever. here at Lunar Giant. I’m currently a student at Chicago-Kent studying video game law, and, so far, the guys here have not told me to go away.

But back to my super power- this was supposed to be a video blog in the “let’s play” style for Delve Deeper, because, while I think Lunar Giant is amazing, and who doesn’t love indie? I have never played the game. So I installed all the magical gameplay recording software, ran a test, and wound up with about 3 minutes of soundless black screen. So I explored the wonderful world of YouTube, was told to install DivX and change some settings. At which point my power went out.

So, instead of intriguing video, you get *ramblings*, which is what blogging is all about anyway, right?

As a general rule, I game open-world fps on my pc (dubbed Wheatley), so Delve Deeper is a bit of a deviation for me. The first computer game I really got into was Age of Empires. The disk came with a computer my parents brought. I entered the world of Delve Deeper with the construct, move units, collect resources mindset.

I love the art style and the sound effects for the king. Art style goes a long way in convincing me whether a game is worth the long-term commitment. Then again at $5, the commitment doesn’t have to be that intense. I can honestly say I laughed while speed clicking through the tutorials (seriously who reads those things?), but on my first attempt to place a post-camp tunnel tile, I was met by “no valid plays” and unceremoniously thrown from the game. Perhaps I should have read everything the King says instead of just skimming it (tutorials are important).


I reopened the game and chose a different mission. On my second attempt, I selected the red team on Desert Divide. Fourteen minutes and only one competing team seemed doable, and I promised to read the King’s instructions this time. He offered many useful insights, like how to place new tunnels. I selected an area just below my camp, then I selected the shape of the tunnels in empty spaces to somehow connect them to my intrepid and dashing group of Dwarves. I began moving down and to the left, which it turned out was away from my opponents.

The King has that failure will be punished by having to do the dishes, my most hated of chores. Now I must succeed, or not abide by the commands of a fictional dwarven king.

During the first few rounds, I successfully found as much gold as my opponent, but Team Evvil sent a goblin among my Dwarves. It’s cool though, I owed in battle. Until I decided to face off a single Dwarf against Sir Pip, and lost my scout for one turn. The one turn loss seems reasonable but uncommitted. I realize that I only have a team of 5 and should be focused on mining, but I also have trouble believing that evvil wizards and goblins want nothing more than to knock my dwarves unconscious.

Even without losing any team members, I focused on moving away from camp to get more valuable treasure, often resulting in further confrontations. While my pockets weighed heavy with gems, in the end, I didn’t save enough moves to make the long trek home. I was roundly destroyed by the opposing team but refuse to do the dishes, since there’s some chance my dwarves would have won had they made it home.

I can honestly say I’m looking forward to imparting more of my dwarven adventures. Hopefully in video form next time, assuming I can keep my super power in check.