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The sales reports for Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) have at least one thing in common: scads of titles selling at a dollar. A dollar is the lowest price a game can sell at on XBLIG, followed by $3 and then $5 at the highest (80, 240, and 400 MSP, respectively). Yet choosing a price point above one dollar is seen by many as a direct path to zero profits.

This is the price paradigm that small developers, and the XBLIG community for that matter, are up against. It’s sad to see developers on the Microsoft forums talking about cutting cool content from their games because it’s not worth the time, but it’s happening. If we haven’t already noticed the quality of games go down because of this, we will soon.


For Lunar Giant, setting an XBLIG price for Delve Deeper was a difficult decision. We know most games sell best at $1, but we also know that our game brings its players a value well over $5. So, to cut it short, we’ve decided to sell our game for $5 on XBLIG. Delve Deeper is a $5 game. People are willing to gamble $60+ on games we feel are much less worth the money.

We’re not in competition with the fart and vibrator apps on XBLIG, we’re selling a game that we think will bring joy to gamers. You can barely buy a Pabst Blue Ribbon in a Chicago bar for $5, and I’m pretty sure you’re getting screwed on that deal.