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We’ve been incredibly busy here at Lunar Giant over the past few months.  Here’s a quick update:

  • Delve Deeper DLC Package 2. In the wake of our DLC Competition, we’ve been working on reviewing and packaging up all of the maps and relics we received from some very dedicated Delve Deeper fans.  Expect new Delve Deeper DLC to hit Steam before Christmas.
  • OnLive integration for Delve Deeper. Coming very soon!  Isn’t OnLive so awesome?
  • Touch of Death is coming. We’re aiming for a release before Christmas.  Look for the best “side-scrolling, funkadelic kung fu adventure” on iOS to come your way!
  • Another iOS title is in the works. We can’t really talk about it right now, but a second iOS title is in the works and will be released some time in early 2012.
  • MyGiant Podcast. George Hufnagl (of My Escape) and Jay (that’s me!) have started a podcast aimed at the professional indie developers of the world.  Our first two episodes tackle “being a full-time person and juggling indie development,” and “marketing as an indie.”
  • And more. We have several projects in the works that are either in the infant stage, or we’re required not to talk about at this time.  But keep your eyes peeled; we may be announcing a few of them before Christmas!

We’ll keep you updated on the blog as we roll these things out.