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No Reddit or D-Toid to read tomorrow? No worries! Tomorrow, January 18th, Lunar Giant will be releasing our next Delve Deeper DLC package — entitled “Gratis Grottos” — for free on Steam!

A few months ago, we asked fans of Delve Deeper to help us create maps and relics for a “User-Made DLC Package.”  It was a wacky experiment, but hey, why the heck are we an indie studio for if we don’t do things like this once in a while?

Gratis Grottos will feature 10 new maps and 25 new relics.  Maps named things like:

  • Big Upsidey-Downey
  • Black Pudding Mountain, and
  • The Earl of Ego’s Banquet

To our contestants/fans: Thank you so much for your help.  We’re releasing a special digital package out to you later today, along with signed (18×24) posters.

To the press, you can find a press package for the DLC here.

To all: We hope you enjoy!