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Hey dwarf wonks and aspiring blacksmiths and blackbelts,

Lunar Giant is back. We have a bunch of exciting news. Let’s get to the most immediate announcement: Delve Deeper, your favorite treasure-collecting, monster-slaughtering, beard-beating game is launching on the Humble Store at a hefty 75 percent discount. Using our space calculators, that tells us you can scoop up this multiplayer Viking smorgasbord for $1.24.

If Delve Deeper is indeed already your favorite game or you already have it, great news! You can gift it for your friends or, even better, give it to your enemies and then beat their evil brains in on the game. Best of all, you can hurt your enemies on the Humble Store and 10 percent of all proceeds goes to charity.

Beyond that, this is the first of many posts we’ll be doing pulling back the curtain on what we’ve been working on in 20thrillteen and what we have planned for 20forward.

First up is something you’ve possibly already heard rumblings about: Lunar Giant is publishing Tetrapulse on Steam. Tetrapulse is a sci-fi, run-and-gun co-op game coming out later this year, and it’s being developed by Chicago locals The Amiable – a group of guys who ran an incredible Kickstarter campaign for it last September.

Back to Lunar Giant — our other big news is there will be a Delve Deeper board game coming out this year. We’ve talked about here and there in late 2013, but now it is official and we are shouting it from the digital mountaintops. If you enjoyed the play of Delve Deeper, but wanted to be able to ruin your friends’ dreams in analog format, this is the game for you. Check it out:



We will be Kickstarting the game ourselves, and more posts on it are forthcoming. In the meantime, if you want to stay posted about when we are unveiling the Kickstarter and would like to help us make it a reality with your hard-earned dollars, please subscribe to our mailing list here.

Otherwise! We are getting more deeply involved in cons, so you will get more opportunities to hug or tickle us in person, should you want to. We are organizing C2E2’s gaming area — that’s coming April 25 through 27 at the McCormick Place’s South Building. We’ll be there showing alongside other Chicago studios, universities, and more. Additionally, Stan Lee will be there and also we hear Batman’s collection of rare sauces will be on full display. If you want to register, hop over here.

We’ll also be at the very first Indy PopCon, a Midwestern convention showcasing videogames, which is rare indeed. Seriously: It’s the ONLY one to exist. That takes place May 30 to June 1 out in Indianapolis, and The Joker’s collection of rare sauces will be there! Outrageous!

There’s a lot more stuff going on we’ll tell you about soon, but we wanted to keep this post to a length where your butts don’t get sore and so you can get back to gaming.

Don’t let the good lord split ya where the froggies hit ya,

David and the Lunar Giant crew