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What the hell have we been up to for the last year?

First off, Delve Deeper is 75% off on Steam right now, so go grab it for yourself and a few of your friends.

Okay? Next.

Over the last couple years, we’ve been working on various projects. From the Mega Ran game, to Delve Deeper DLC, to our own game contracting gigs, and even creating our own local co-working space for gamedevs and tech folks, we’ve been pretty busy. I also recently started teaching game development at DePaul University, which has taken no small amount of time out of my schedule.


Bottom line is there’ve been lots of distractions pulling us in different directions. Two of us have day jobs and run various other non-profits or companies, and because of that we haven’t been able to focus on what we really love to do: create original games. Nothing new here, really. Life gets in the way, people have kids (me), get new jobs (Russ), and get distracted. But we never lost sight of what was important.

About three months ago, we showed Delve Deeper off at C2E2. I could digress into talking about how this was the first real convention we’d really showed the game off at, and how we were total newbs three years ago when we released Delve Deeper, and had no idea what the hell we were doing, but that’s a whole series of blog posts. Honestly, though, when Delve Deeper hit Steam some years back, we didn’t know what the heck to do with ourselves, and didn’t know anyone in the industry who could give us advice.575557_10100543556440551_264138612_n

Anyway. C2E2.

Our booth at C2E2 brought in a huge influx of people who’d never played Delve Deeper before, and it was  the first time I got to see people really get into the game in person. Just watching people banter back and forth while playing the game, or smile at little in-game jokes, or keep coming back day after day to play the game was so rewarding. My favorite story came from a guy who stopped by our booth on the second day, telling us that his friends had called him at 4am to bitch at him for recommending the game and keeping them awake. This all got me thinking.

We’ve had this nagging feeling for a long time that Delve Deeper could be better. We knew it could. There are some bugs in the game that we weren’t proud of that have gone unfixed for too long. There’s the fact that multiplayer is hotseat only (and while I’ll vehemently defend the merits of hotseat, network multiplayer is also a “duh”). When Jordan Devore first reviewed our game on Destructoid, he said “Delve Deeper is one of those flawed, but much-loved gems.” He hit the nail on the head.

That nagging feeling, along with watching people enjoy Delve Deeper at C2E2, led us to one conclusion: we needed to revisit Delve Deeper. So what does that mean?

First, and most importantly, it means our current customers will get all of the benefits of the updates we’ve been working on, free of charge. The game will still be the same Delve Deeper on Steam, just better. After we release what we’ve privately been calling “Delve Deeper: Rebooted” we’re talking about bumping the price of the game up, so grab it now if you want the good stuff for less money.

Second, it means we’re updating the crap out of Delve Deeper. What updates, you ask? Let’s tick them off the list: enhanced graphics, big bug squashing fixes, Mac/Linux ports, and network multiplayer. We’ve already deleted something like 5,000 lines of unnecessary, game-slowing code. If you follow us on Twitter, you probably even saw some of our tweets on these things.

Finally, this doesn’t mean that Delve Deeper 2 is getting delayed again. Or at least, we don’t think it will. Our designer/artist, Neil, is still diligently working on game design while we go back and fix Delve Deeper up.

945284_10151412452582219_1896957499_nWe’ve put off revamping Delve Deeper for the longest time. It’s going to be (and has been) a huge undertaking, and we’re very uncertain that there’s any reward to be gained from updating a 3 year old game with new features. But I think we’re finally confident that we’re doing the right thing as a game company and, most importantly, for our Delve Deeper fans. We don’t currently have a timeframe for when this big update is going to come out, but we’ve been working very hard on it so that it can happen before the end of 2013.

So that’s it. That’s what we’ve been up to. Thanks for sticking with us. Lunar Giant is just a small handful of guys who want to make games we love for people like us, and we hope to continue to do that.

Oh! And here’s a little look at the graphics update we just added. Check the dragon fire toward the end.