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How to program?  How to design?  Debates over development platforms.  This list does not have these kinds of things.

This list is a consolidation of news outlets to pay attention to, communities to become a part of, and the people and organizations that will help you hone your craft.  Maybe I’ll even keep a rolling update going.

Reading & Press

You’ll notice a distinct lack of the Joystiq’s and Kotaku’s, and that’s because these outlets largely crank out garbage and aren’t overly-friendly to indie pitches.  Here are some outlets that are:

  • Destructoid
    These guys are pretty friendly toward indies, and they’ve got a fairly good track record with their game reviews.  A good example of the kind of game review you should be aiming to receive.
  • Gamasutra
    What else is there to say?  Gamasutra is fantastic.  If you’re looking for articles and help on getting started in the industry, chances are that Gamasutra has written something, or will soon write something, about it.
  • TIG Source
    These guys aren’t just reviewers, they’re also developers; so when they punch up a post on a game, there are often some really nice notes on what it did right and what it did wrong.
  • Indie Games
    A good place for keeping the pulse on what’s happening in the indie game development circle.
  • DIY Gamer
    Same as, just a great place to see what’s happening in the indie scene.  Geoff Gibson of DIYGamer also runs 8-bit Funding.
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun
    RPS will occasionally publish a really nice “How-To” article for game developers.  Really good PC game reviews, too.
  • MCV
    Games business news condensed and printed in RSS.  If you want to know what’s going on, you should read MCV.
  • Zeboyd Games blog
    An Xbox developer who just recently started reviewing games on their blog.  The notes are from a game designer’s perspective, but are not overly-technical to the point of confusion.
  • Game Pitches
    Great game design document samples.


  • TIG Forums
    TIG Forums is probably my favorite indie community out there.  Most of the folks on the boards are really helpful and kind.  This is a great place to go if you’re looking for advice on programming or design, a local game jam, or even feedback for your game.
  • IndieDB
    Run by the people who do ModDB, IndieDB is a place where indies can go to submit their games for folks to try out and review.
  • Reddit /gamedev
    Reddit, in general, is a great place for indies.  /gamedev is a really nice place to talk about… you guessed it… game development!

People & Organizations

  • IGDA (International Game Developer’s Association)
    The IGDA is composed of several local chapters, all who can introduce you to game developers, students, and press in your area.  They also have some excellent classes, forums, and panels to check out.
  • 8-bit Funding
    Run by some of the people from DIY Gamer, 8-bit funding is a place to go where you can raise money for your indie game project.
  • Kickstarter
    Similar to 8-bit funding, Kickstarter is a little bit more difficult to get into, but the chances are you’ll raise a little more money here if you have a really successful project.
  • Me! (Poplicola)
    Shoot me a message!  I’m always willing to help you if you have a question or need advice.