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The following is a guest post by Delve Deeper fan David Johnson. Earlier last week, I put out a call on Twitter to all Delve Deeper players, asking them to send me their favorite in-game story. I really enjoyed David’s email, and I know you will too.

If you have your own Delve Deeper story, feel free to send it here.

I haven’t wrangled anyone into playing DD with me yet, so it’s just a single-player story, but it’s what I tell people to explain to them how exciting and silly Delve Deeper can get.

This happened in my second time playing Delve Deeper and the first time I’d made it to the deep layer. It was also the first time I was actually winning as the final rounds counted down, but I hadn’t found anything particularly exciting in the deep dirt to the east, so I turned my attention to some existing tunnels to the west of where I’d dug down.

There was a chest, and near it an Oogler merchant and gnome bank. Once I started directing my dwarves in that direction, I realized I could barely make it – there were three turns left, and one of my scouts – returning treasure to another Gnome bank – was exactly twelve tiles away. The Oogler, on the other hand, was six tiles away from the chest. So, if I opened the right tunnels, and sent in my warrior and miners ahead, they wouldn’t be able to retrieve any treasure, but they could clear the passages ahead of the scout.

Luck was with me, and my gambit succeeded, with the scout arriving at the Oogler on the final turn to deposit the hard-fought treasure – a book of Vogon poetry, for negative 8 points.