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Here are a few things I’ve learned since starting marketing with an Indie game company:

  • Always market early. Start your marketing campaign on Day 1: the inception of the idea.  Doesn’t matter if you have nothing to show anyone yet.  Do a development blog, start a funny cartoon, send out emails and newsletters to people telling them about your idea, keeping them updated on your progress, etc.
  • Have a press kit with game screenshots, game description, and updated press releases ready to send out to anyone who asks for a game review copy, requests an interview, or sends an email with questions about the game.
  • Put yourself out there for interviews.  Be a vocal advocate for your game, the indie game movement, and your company to anyone who will listen.
  • When e-mailing big blogs and magazines, be sure to search for the right person to send your review request to.  If you put out an indie strategy game, but e-mail someone who normally reviews major title FPS’s, you’re likely to get ignored.  Research the writer.  Also, never send to the general “bizdev” or “marketing” addresses.
  • Get your press release out on Bluesnews and Gamespress.  These are great free press release sites that tons of gaming blogs go to for news leads.

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