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We’re going to be at the VERY FIRST Indy Pop Con from May 30 – June 1 showing off our controllers, Project Libity, and a new game. Come drop by and say hello, and if you wanna learn something, check out our panels too!

How to Publish and Market Your Indie Game

Releasing a successful indie game gets harder every day. With increasing barriers to publishing, marketing and funding, small game companies need to band together and help each other succeed. Come hear how indie companies Lunar Giant and The Amiable did just that, and how you can do it too.

Open Hardware and Gaming, an Intro to Project Libity

The future of gaming isn’t entirely in software, it’s in hardware too. Oculus Rift’s billion-dollar purchase by Facebook shows how new, innovative hardware devices can go mainstream and change the direction of the entire gaming industry, so it’s important that developers look at hardware, not just software. Hear about the importance of Open Hardware and see a demo of Project Libity, a new hardware controller from Lunar Giant games.