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Out of the fiery ashes of Midgar there arose a half-human, who, so enthralled with web development and indie marketing, forged an alliance with The Stig and Lunar Giant Studios.  He soon came to love the indie game community and Lunar Giant, and now devotes himself to bringing the people’s games to the people.

Oh hello, I’m Lunar Giant’s new marketing, web developer, and generalist… person.  Actually, I started a little over a month ago, and since then, have been pretty busy with several exciting Lunar Giant projects.  Today, I’d like to show you some of the things I’ve done:

The new Delve Deeper site:  This was a re-imagining of the traditional game box, utilizing features only the web offers — video, gorgeous lightbox images, and jQuery rolling text.  I’m especially proud of the website’s striking visuals.  The focus of the project was to emphasize all of the great reviews Delve Deeper has been receiving, and I think I achieved this in a way nobody else has quite imagined on the web yet.

A website for our next game (for Android, currently in development), Touch of Death.  This is a pretty simple site design for right now, and that’s because there’s very little art and other assets for the game yet.  I get into some of the design details in my first blog post, but I think the most important thing to note is that this will be a fantastic site to follow if you want to get a ground level view of indie game development, design, and marketing.  We’ve already posted some of the concept art our designer has been working on, and also have an e-mail list you can sign up to for semi-often game updates.

The Lunar Giant Store, which currently only features Delve Deeper for purchase, is also up.  In the future, this will be a place where you’ll be able to get our games before they’re released anywhere else, as well as purchase neat schwag.  The store is built on top of a really neat plugin for WordPress called WP E-Commerce that I’d recommend checking out if you’re looking for such a solution.  I’m very proud that we’re able to sell our game on our own, as well as through third parties.


A while back, Stig sent me a PixelProspector article on indie game marketing that had a bunch of resources I’ve been slowly making my way through, but I wanted to point out this particular post from Wolfire for a few reasons: I’m new to the indie game community, and had never heard of these guys, but after going through their blog I kind of took a shine to them.  I know where they’re coming from.  Also, they seem to be on a similar trajectory to LG, developing PC and phone games.  I’d like to pick their brains some day and steal their knowledge.  Steal it.

I’ll be posting to the blog on a fairly regular basis, providing you with LG news updates and other indie game company tips as I learn.

Ad astra per aspera.