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Do you think you know your monsters, Dwarf? - Well, do ya’?

I bet you wouldn’t know a Dirtgnaw goblin from a Rocksnot even if he stabbed you in the nose!


Be ashamed no longer, noble Dwarf! The new Critter Compendium in the Delve Deeper game page will make sure that you’re prepared for any of the evil beasties of the mines, giving you their name, the three main stat ratings as well as a picture and paragraph of text describing them in detail. You might even get a preview of monsters that you didn’t even knew existed yet!

Filled to the gills with useful knowledge, you too may own the look of smug satisfaction that the king himself wears in this picture taken from the Compendium. And starting at the low introductory price of nothing, that’s a bargain.

Knowing is half the battle! So go ahead. Make my day.