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Heya Space Cadets,

The Lunar Giant guys just finished up some days at Chicago’s TechWeek where we got to meet some other great developers and talk a lot about the projects we’re up to. Delve Deeper 2 is the big thing on our minds right now, and we’ve been working tirelessly in the pixel mines to bring you the highest quality in Dwarf entertainment.  I felt like it was a good time to talk about what we’re up to.

First off, the game design is really coming along, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave feedback–positive or negative. One of the things we did was grab a big, big list of all the DD1 pros and cons reported by fans and laid them out in a big document to go over the thing. I forget whose idea it was, but we looked at the Ye Olde Blizzard model of sequeling where they take 33% old stuff, 33% revamped stuff and 33% new stuff . I believe this was before Activision got ahold of them, since I don’t see anything in there about being terrified of your customers or a real money auction house. Zing!

In any case, we took a long look to figure out what we wanted to keep as-is from DD1, what we wanted to spruce up, and we needed to add entirely new. And with the fan reactions to work from, it was a pretty easy list to pick through. The main points, in very broad strokes, ended up being these kinds of changes:

33% old: Turn-Based Strategic Gameplay, Mining and Tunnel-Building, Pun-Based Regal Harassment

33% fix: Faster Turns and Combat, Larger Hexes, Expanded Classes and RPG Elements,  Simultaneous Resolution

33% new: Network Multiplayer, Customizable Dwarfs and Dwarf Teams, Monster Interaction

Now before I make this too long, something I can show. We’ve got a new concept for the hex grid in DD2. The original game had a classic grid, but it almost didn’t fit properly, and what we needed was more horizontal real estate to put more “stuff” in there. We considered just making the hexes bigger, but we thought it wasn’t enough.  Instead, we are going to makes these brand new High Definition Widescreen Hexes:


These newer hexes will house a more intricate set of backdrops, as well as give the Dwarfs a lot more room for battling and mining. In the example here it’s just a straight tunnel being traversed, but we’re sketching out versions that are nearly hollow and cavern-like, and that’s exciting. More room means more information being conveyed to the player at once, as well as, special rooms, denser maps, and bigger  monsters! This should better fit the shape of a modern monitor or HD television, and let the player look at each hex as a real piece of real estate and not just a tiny part of his map.

Spacelab Signing Out

That’s all for now, this post is long enough as is! Stay tuned for more updates, we’ve got lots of news about the mechanics for DD2. Simultaneous turns, monsters fighting monsters, customizable Dwarfs and more! Oh, and by the way, has anyone had our incredible idea before? I’m not familiar with any game that uses this kind of a stretched hex, but if you know of one, lemme know. I’d be interested in seeing how they make use of it.  If not, first HD Hexgrid game ever. EVER.


Neil Wickman is a crazy Dwarf who lives at the bottom of a gold mine.

He has been working for Lunar Giant studios since its inception, one of the lead designers and the Creative Director. Listen to his arty nonsense @LunarNeil.