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After all the great feedback we’ve received, we’re proud to announce the latest major update of Delve Deeper, v.1.2, is now available from our store, Steam, or Gamersgate. The changes are numerous, the design tweaks and balances are tight, and it’s all thanks to your great feedback. We’re currently planning a number of changes for v1.3 that are a little more substantive in nature, but for all stability issues, we highly recommend a copy of Delve Deeper v1.2. In fact, we highly recommend a copy of Delve Deeper v1.2 for just about anything. Just listen to these un-biased testimonials!
The Un-Biased Pannel Agrees!
For those Delvers interested in the details, the changelog follows:

Version 1.2 (10/28/2010 or thereabouts)
New Features:
Speed 6 – most movement animations skipped
Monster spawn cap – (prevent a jillion monsters from spawning in turns past 25 or so)
Start In Fullscreen video option
WASD support for moving the camera
Change Tile Rotate & Tilebox Next/Prev to use Q/E so it doesn’t interfere w/ camera movement.
Shortcut for selecting dwarves by hitting 1-5
Discard button available during tile depth selection
The map can be panned with a dwarf selected

Can now complete tutorial w/ controller
Achievement fixes

Opportunist only unlocked if you managed to win without _turning in_ any gold, gems or mithril
Slime’s Sappin Mah Sentry now unlockable
Rune Mastery now unlockable
Blacksmith now unlockable
Brewmaster now unlockable
A tie for 0 points counted as a win for the purpose of achievements.

No longer Crashes on machines with Intel GMA graphics chipsets
Disappearing relic bug is now fixed
Full Screen key binding documented
Maps with unreachable or unbalanced hexes fixed
Incorrectly calculated prices fixed when selling to Ooglers
Mimics no longer glow, and do not display warning axes.

Known Issues:
Window randomly warps around when using multiple monitors and focus is lost to a window on other screen and then regained (probably XNA bug)