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Or that is, Delve Deeper has been struck gold. Yes, that’s right, Delve Deeper is now making its way to distributors, and we’re ready to spill the goods on what you can expect! Not only will you soon be able to own your own copy of Delve Deeper for the low, low price of $5 USD, but you will also be able to grab a new Demo with a taste of some of the new features you’ll find in the game, and there’s a whole lot of the stuff you guys have wanted.  Read more below:


The biggest feedback items have gotten rolled in with our other new features, so not only can you crank up the speed a little bit, but you can also slam it into overdrive to make navigating the mines a breeze, even in the biggest maps with three vicious AI’s. Speaking of which, we cut back on the Ale Rations, and now the Dwarfs are twice as cranky as before. AI difficulties have been ramped up and all combat damages have been increased, making combat faster and more dangerous! Watch out though, nobody’s hitpoints have been increased…


…that is, unless you pick up some of our new Relics, which not only provide you with a bit of money (Stein happens to be the Dwarf currency, by the way) but also a boost to your stats! This here Rune of Skill gives you a hefty boost to your fighting potential for that match, and the first Dwarf to grab a relic shall be immortalized in the Royal Gallery where you can go and view all of the over 100 relics.  Nobody will be laughing at the Scout after he gets his hands on the Maltese Falchion.  And as we add new relics and levels, you’re sure to have plenty to look at.


Speaking of new levels, this is especially great news for PC users. The level editor we created recently is ready, and now it’s got a nice graphical user interface and everything! Design the shape, place the treasures, and set up the monsters. Everything we used to make the levels will be at your fingertips! Maps that you save will be imported for you to play, and you can download and install levels from other people too! If only we had such a great tool as this when we made our levels… what will you be able to make?


Expect the PC version to begin showing up for sale around 6/30, that’s the end of this month. Xbox360 will follow shortly thereafter. Tell your friends, and drop by the forum!

Delve Deep!