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Some Basic Design Tips

Take your time designing maps. There is a lot more to Delve Deeper than meets the eye, and it can take a couple of iterations to get the flow of a map correct. Sometimes, starting from scratch can help you create a functional level better than editing the previous revision.

Keep the distances between special hexes low. Without accessible special hex interaction, much of the game is spent walking long or redundant paths, this is no fun for anybody.

Keep the maps compact. The further away you make things, the less likely the AI is going to find them. Keep in mind the AI prefers to expand downward 3:1 over sideways and 6:1 over upward.

Have some minerals or interactive things near the starting camps. Nobody wants to play a level where all you do is place pieces for 3 turns at the beginning.

Have fun. Also, send any map you make that you feel is cool either to me ( or the soon to be created We will hopefully compile a bunch of player created maps and start building a community to share and improve the game through your ideas!


Thanks again for checking out Delve Deeper. Thanks even more for checking out the map editor. One of our goals at Lunar Giant is to create communities of gamers that can work together to improve our products, and give us guidance to create better games in the future. We’ve had a blast writing Delve Deeper, now it’s time for you to have a blast playing it. I hope everyone gets at least a chance to sit down and play some old school hotseat games, as that was the vision we had in mind which set the whole board game turned TBS video game vision in motion. Help us out by visiting our forum ( and suggesting what you would/would not like to see in the future. Remember the old interplay slogan (now dtoid’s) “by gamers, for gamers”, that’s the vision we’re hoping to return our slice of the gaming industry to. And this, is not possible with out the help of fans like you.