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Delve Deeper Map Editor Guide now Available

So we hear you wanted a map editor… well if you’ve got the full version of Delve Deeper, you’ve got a map editor. Granted, not all map editors are created equal, in fact, this map editor was created in about five or six days. Not to say ours got hit with the short end of the map editor stick, but without some guidance, it can be a bit confusing to use. Delve Deeper is a much more complex system than it first appears, and we hope that everyone tries their hand at designing a map or two.

In the near future, we will be hosting a community for sharing and rating each other’s maps. In the spirit of Starcraft, I hope to see at least 10 versions of “FaSTEST MAP EVAR!!!!!1111!!!” in my mailbox soon. Speaking of which, until I get a system up for everyone to post maps for download and unabashed criticism, please email submissions to or So without further ado, check the links in this blog for the Delve Deeper Map Editor Guide.