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The following is a basic guide to the mechanics that make Delve Deeper work.  For those of you helping us with the beta, the following post will include information and maths that you can use to help us figure out how to best balance our levels!

The goal of Delve Deeper is to score more points than your opponent teams. You score points by using your dwarves to ferry minerals and relics to scoring locations. The minerals come in three varieties gold, gems and mithril. The basic scoring mechanic is quite simple and is scored at the end of your dwarves turn based upon the location they stop on:
- Returing minerals to your mining camp will sell all of a dwarves minerals, netting: 1 point for each gold nugget, 2 points for each gem, and 3 points for each chunk of mithril.

- Returning relics to your mining camp will net you the value of the relic which varies based upon the type of chest and a random factor from -10 to 10.

- Ending your turn on a gnome bank will net the same value as your mining camp for minerals, minus a 2 point processing fee.

- Ending your turn on a beholder bazaar will net the same value as your mining camp for relics, minus a 2 point convenience charge.
The scoreboard in the upper right keeps track of who is currently in the lead, and all current scores. Whoever has the most points at the end of the last turn of the game will be the winner. The scoreboard also keeps track of the current turn order. The initial turn order is based upon controller assignment (or in this case, mouse assignment) meaning the first player to pick their team will go first, the second, second, etc. After all human and AI players have played, there is an EVILL turn, where all the mountain’s baddies get a chance to move about and cause more mischief and difficulty for your dwarves. Just so you know, all monsters that have the capacity to move, will move to the easiest to reach target based upon the state of the mountain when their turn starts, so use this to your advantage to direct monsters towards your opponents!
At any time, if one of your dwarves enters a hex with a rival dwarf or a monster (or if a rival dwarf or monster enters your hex) a combat will spawn.  You can no longer move this dwarf until the combat resolves at the end of the current player’s turn.  Other dwarves can be used to back up those in combat by moving them into the hex in the same manner.  Some dwarves are better at fighting than others, with fighters usually being the best.  All combat is automatically resolved, but you get some useful data once it begins:
For each dwarf/creature you see:
- Their name

- Their current hp as signified by the heart icon (when this reaches 0, the dwarf will be ko’ed or the monster will return to the monstrous ether of puffy smoke)

- Their average hit damage as signified by the sword icon, the total range is not shown, that’s for you to figure out!

- Their critical rate as signified by the exclam icon, a critical will deal 1.5x of the attacker’s maximum damage for a normal hit, some monsters can get really nasty from high critical rates.
Every dwarf/creature will get to attack once before a new round begins, and they fight till either all attackers or defenders are defeated.  You might notice that the speed of the unit determines initiative for combat, with ties going to the attackers.  Monsters, when defeated have a random chance of dropping lewt, based upon the difficulty of the monster fought (we really need your help to balance those numbers!).  Dwarves, when defeated will drop any minerals they were carrying along with any relics they were carrying.  To the victor, the spoils!
After all that fighting, it’s inevitable that some of your dwarves will be a bit knocked up.  Worry not, in Delve Deeper, there are no dwarven deaths (they’re a hardy, resilient folk)!  Knocked out dwarves will revive from their passed out state on the same hex in which they fell after one full turn has passed.  This means that if you get a dwarf knocked out on your turn, he will be un-available next turn, and revive on the subsequent.  Dwarves that revive in this manner will revive with a meager 1 hp, so they’re  quite weak and vulnerable at this point.  Monsters never revive, so once you bust a goblin’s skull, you don’t have to worry about them ever coming back (you just have to worry about more monsters spawning from the depths).
If at any point, your dwarf’s hp seems too low for comfort, you have 2 options to regain health.  First, you can head back to your team’s mining camp, healing happens at the beginning of a turn, and any dwarves positioned on a mining camp will revive to full health.  As you travel further into mountains, you will see fairy fountains from time to time.  These fountains revive/heal your dwarves in the exact same manner as the mining camp.  You can use the mining camp/fairy fountain in this manner as defensive strong points knowing that you will revive to full health there at the beginning of your next turn!
Light and dark play important roles in delve deeper.  You may notice that when a dwarf ends his turn on an unlit hex, they will place a lantern there.  This is not to say that dwarves need light to mine or fight, but it does keep new monsters at bay.  Placing a lantern will light that hex and any connected surrounding hexes.  When monsters spawn during the EVILL turn, no monsters will ever spawn on lit hexes.  Also, if a hex has a lantern, a dwarf can stop on that hex to say pick up some treasure, and then continue on his way in the same turn!  Monsters will also spawn with more frequency as the game progresses, and deeper and deeper as you explore downward!
Part of the joy we’ve gotten out of delve deeper are the intricacies of how each minor action you take effects the eventual end of the game.  We’ve tried to keep a good balance between randomness and skill to keep things fresh, and every game a new experience.  Some things to try if you’re struggling with the game:
- Group up your dwarves, numbers will keep your dwarves safe if you are having trouble keeping them alive.

- In addition, re-enforcing ko’ed dwarves that are about to come back to life with healthy dwarves will keep them from loosing even more turns.

- You see that large clump of monsters hanging out by some opponent dwarves?  Why not use your tile placement this turn to unleash that horde on your opponent!

- Behind by a lot of points and near the end of the game?  Remember that the relics from deep in the mines have the highest risk, but also the highest reward.

- If there are gems or mithril in range, what are you doing mining that bulky gold?  Trust us, it only slows dwarves down :)
Thanks again to everyone who is helping us with the beta!  And if you have any further questions you’d like answered that are gameplay related, please respond to this post, or email us at, and we will post more information here as it’s needed.