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Free DLC made by Delve Deeper fans.  Could it get much better?

A few months ago we released our first downloadable content (DLC) package for Delve Deeper, entitled “Treasures and Tunnels.”  Our reasoning for releasing the DLC went something like this: a) we appreciate all of our fans, and wanted to give them more content, and b) maybe we could make a few bucks off of the DLC in the process.  Something else interesting happened after the DLC came out, though: primary game sales surged.

It’s fairly obvious that if your game is generating buzz with new content, you’ll sell more primary units; the thing is though, we didn’t anticipate anywhere near the sales that we received.  It was quite shocking.  Creating new content had spiked game sales; so much so that the phenomenon got stuck in my mind.  It changed the way I looked at the purpose of additional game content.

And so here we are with an idea that came out of that thinking (over a few beers with Adam at GenCon):

We’ve come up with an innovative way for Delve Deeper’s fans to contribute to our game and create stuff that other people will love and enjoy.  Fan-made downloadable content: free to the customer, the creators get credits on the DLC (along with prizes!!), and more people play our game.  It’s win-win-win.

The contest’s website can be found right here, but here’s the details in a nutshell (from our press release):

Become a creator! Lunar Giant is looking to put out a fan-created installation of Delve Deeper downloadable content (DLC) for free. That means you, the player, gets to create maps and/or relics that everyone will see! Here’s what you get if your work is selected for the DLC:

- Credits on the official DLC (great for résumés!)
- Electronic Package: Never before seen Delve Deeper art and developer commentary
- Never before printed Delve Deeper 12×18 posters featuring the fine cover art of Neil Wickman
- Unnamed Grand Prize (pending your participation!)

10 winners will be selected by us.

I really hope this idea catches on.  If we can prove that it’s a successful way for games to thrive, maybe other game companies will follow suit.  Let’s see what happens!