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We’ve been hearing that a few of our new Delve Deeper owners are experiencing a crash on launch. ¬†We’re working on fixing the problem, but until then, here’s how you can fix it (link to original forum post):

The problem is with the installer when you have certain other programs already installed. It dosen’t automatically run these files properly, so (,unfortunately,) some users will have to do it themselves. Basically, you need to open up the directory where our redistributables sit (it simply contains a couple of executable application files) and double click on both of the files in the directory. If you are running windows 7, the directory you need to open is something like:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\delve deeper\redist

You can type this location into the run textbox located when you click on the windows icon located in the lower left of your taskbar. Regardless, it will be located off of wherever your local steam install is situated on your hard drive, most likely, C:\Program Files\Steam…. then you simply double-click the folder marked ‘steamapps’, then the one labeled ‘common’ and so on until you open the ‘redist’ folder.

Once you manage to open the directory with our redistibutables in it. Double click and run the executables inside it, they will repair/install the 3rd party software Delve Deeper needs to run on your system. In order, double click and install the two files called: dotnetFX35setup and xnafx31_redist.

Some versions of windows will ask for permission to run these files because, they add content to your system, click yes, when prompted to make changes as ‘Administrator’. The latter file (xnafx31_redist), has it’s own little install script that will require to you to click the next button to repair (or if xna is not present, install) its content.

After you have run these two files, hopefully everything runs smoothly for you! Hope this helped!