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We posted last week on our upcoming Kickstarter project that we’ll be running to fund Delve Deeper 2. One of the things we mentioned, specifically, was the idea that you’d receive different awards and prizes based on your donation level. Here’s a refresher:

$10-$25: Your name in our special “Thank You” website, and in general, our everlasting thanks!

$25-$50: You’ll get a closed beta invite to Delve Deeper 2, your name in our beta-tester credits, and the full game when it’s done (as well as your name in our website, everlasting thanks)

$50-$100: You’ll get everything above, with a Delve Deeper Collector’s Edition (DD 1 + DD 2, a CD choc full of concept art) bundled in the “Delve Deeper Dirt Bag”.

$100-$250: You get everything above, plus you get a tshirt, and can name an enemy or a relic. Additionally, for every $10 after $100 (up to $250), you get a unique item in game.

$250+: You get everything above, plus a limited edition piece of art from Delve Deeper 2, signed and numbered

$1000+: Everything above, plus dinner and a game night with us if you’re in the Chicagoland area!

Now we want your input. What do you guys think you’d want for your donations? What would make you more likely to donate? What kind of t-shirt ideas do you have?

Let us know in the comments, or by dropping an email at