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If you’re confused about the controls while you’re trying out the Delve Deeper beta, here’s a quick summary to get you started!

The windows release of Delve Deeper is playable through keyboard, mouse or an Xbox 360 compatible controller.
W, Up Arrow – previous option

A, Left Arrow – previous option

S, Down Arrow – next option

D, Right Arrow – next option

ENTER, SPACE – accept

ESC – cancel
Menus can be navigated using the arrow keys (or W, A, S, D for the hardcore gamer) with ENTER and SPACE confirming selections. Alternatively the mouse can be used to navigate menus by simply pointing and clicking. You can also plug a USB controller that supports an Xbox 360 control scheme, and whichever player is assigned to that controller should be able to play along just like you were playing on an Xbox!
The main game menu contains the following options:
NEW GAME – loads the map select screen to start a new game.

GAME OPTIONS – displays the options menu, where you can tweak the style/difficulty of Delve Deeper via changing the frequency of treasure, relics and monsters.

BUY FULL – all sorts of black magic that will not do anything at this moment :)

CONTROLS – display a control screen (that, you will note, is not very useful as it is still the screen for the Xbox 360 release)

SOUND OPTIONS – displays the sound menu where you can set volume levels for master volume, effects volume, and music volume.
Navigating the map selection screen is just like any other, just select the map you wish to play, select a turn length (play around with those, as we’re not sure that the default game length’s are necessarily spot on), and click the accept button or hit ENTER or SPACE to continue on to the team selection screen.
The team selection screen allows you to click on one of 4 fields (or move the tokens located at the bottom of the screen around with an Xbox controller) to open a team up for composition. Here, you can set up your team of 5 dwarves in any combination of the 3 types, different types might be more useful on certain styles of level, tell us what you think! You can play with as many teams as the level supports, by clicking on an unselected team’s field, you can select multiple teams after the previous one has been locked in with the ‘Accept’ button. Right clicking on a team will remove it from the selection screen (as will hitting ‘B’ on an Xbox controller). Clicking the middle of the screen, or the ‘Accept’ field located at the bottom when the ready to begin graphic is being displayed will start the game (as will the start button on a controller).
F1 – Menu

F2 – Toggle Grid

W, Up Arrow – camera up

A, Left Arrow – camera left / select dwarf / rotate tile

S, Down Arrow – camera down

D, Right Arrow – camera right / select dwarf / rotate tile

ENTER, SPACE – accept action

ESC – cancel action

Q – end turn / discard tile

+/- – zoom in/ zoom out (mouse scroll wheel does this too!)
There are also mouse driven equivalents for all the above keyboard commands (in fact, the game is possible to play not using the keyboard at all!). The game is turn based, meaning each player gets to take all of their actions before the next player gets theirs. A typical turn consists of:
Drawing a tile.
Placing that tile on the map at a valid location.
Moving your 5 dwarves.
All the mountains of Delve Deeper have 3 depths: Dirt, Stone, and Deep. The types of connection available in each depth is unique, so feel free to take a look at a space you would like to build a tunnel off of and select a tile valid for that particular hex by using the tile selection menu located to the right. Clicking on one of the 3 depths will open a menu for all the tiles available for that depth, the arrows will change the selected tile (the one in the middle) and hitting ENTER, SPACE, or clicking the middle tile will select that tile for placement.
After you select your tile, you need to navigate the hex cursor to a location to place the tile, do this with the mouse or the keyboard. You can then rotate the tile with the arrow keys, or the right mouse button. The hex cursor will glow a friendly green if your tile placement is valid, and a nasty red if you’re attempting to make an illegal placement. Tiles can only be played in an empty hex of their depth (which you can distinguish by color and style), and you can only play tiles off of already existing tunnels. Also, all connections to other already played adjacent tiles must keep the tunnel system contiguous. You also cannot place tiles with tunnels leading into the pure black impassable hexes or the outer hexes that make up the map’s border.
If the cursor is green, hit ENTER or SPACE to place the tile in the highlighted location. Using the mouse, if the hex-shaped cursor is showing, you can use right click to rotate the tile, and left click to play it if the move is valid. At any time you can click the discard tile button or press Q to discard an unwanted tile and pass on your tile placement turn.
Now that you’ve made a tunnel, it’s time to do some exploring and collecting. Left-clicking once on the dwarf tabs at the bottom of the screen will center the camera on that particular dwarf, then clicking a second time will select this dwarf for his move (you can tell a dwarf is selected due to the stylish nametag that pops up under his feet). You can also select a dwarf by directly clicking on him.
Once you have a dwarf selected, you can move him by right-clicking on a valid space to move him to on the map (left click will still allow you to move the camera around). The valid movement locations are indicated by a walking dwarf-shaped cursor. Different types of dwarf have different movement limitations as well! If you see a grabby-hand icon, that means that that right-clicking will grab whatever treasure or relic is located there.
After a dwarf has moved to a hex, he may or may not be able to move again. If he placed a lantern in an unlit hex, or entered into combat, or has used up all his movement, his turn is over; otherwise, you can select and move him again and again in the same manner (wheeee!). After you have decided you have done enough moving for a turn, hit Q on the keyboard, or click the end turn button at the lower-right to end your turn!
Congratulations, you have just completed a single turn of delve deeper :)