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Let’s talk strategy. One of the questions people often have is: “Hey, what’s with all the hexes? What do I do with my tiles?”

Delve Deeper has lots of stuff to do, but one of the biggest and most interesting things is that you build your own maze-like dungeon every time you play.Take a look at the screenshot and on the right side you’ll see a little menu with some tunnel shapes. You pick one of those, rotate it the way you want it, and stick it down somewhere to expand the mines. On your rival’s turn, they do the same, and your tunnels quickly build into an exciting, ever-changing labyrinth. On a four player map, with a 15 turn duration, that means you could have laid 60 new tunnel pieces! And since each map has a unique layout and monster population, that’s even more variety.

But how you place your tunnel hexes also matters, and you’ll want to consider that when you choose your team. You get to pick what to take for each of your five Dwarfs, from either Scout, Fighter or Miner. Each type move at a different speed and carry a different amount of money, as well as fight in combat differently. If you take a team with lots of scouts you’ll want to build tunnels differently than if you take a team with lots of fighters. And being able to throw a wrench into your opponent’s plans by goofing up his tunnels is an essential bit of strategy!

So, what’s this mean? Delve Deeper is a lighthearted puzzle/adventure game, where you build a network of tunnels to move your Dwarfs and capture treasure while slaying goblins, dragons, slimes and up to your three best friends or vicious AI opponents. And all those hexes make it strategically deep, infinitely replayable, and full of good-natured backstabbing. Can a simple square grid do that? It’s time to think outside the ‘box.’

Delve Deeper is also full of puns.