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Delve Deeper Screenshot

We’ll soon be looking to have another around of Betas, so it’s important to remember what this game all about. Delve Deeper is an adventuring dungeon game where your team of mining mercenary Dwarfs hack, slash, or shoot their way through three strata of angry, greedy goblins, slimes, dragons, and evil Dwarfs. But to get down to all that fun stuff you have to place some tiles and build your tunnels, which takes us to our next big piece of news.

Previously, the tile you got to place was chosen randomly, making you think on your feet the way you do in many tile-placement boardgames, but based on Feedback we’ve made it up to the players to choose. Now the only thing keeping you from tunneling into your opponent’s mine to steal his money is your opponent. This speeds up and simplifies the core mechanic, but also leads to new, more devious strategies.

Is your opponent sneakily avoiding a tunnel full of dangerous monsters? Help them out by connecting his tunnels to the critters!

Are you tunneling down to reach a cache of treasures? You might find your tunnel blocked off or veering to the side because of some sneaky counter-placement by your foe!

Someone’s pair of fighters guarding a tunnel full of miners and mithril? Tunnel in behind them, kill the miners, and run off with the loot before he knows what hit him!

And these are just the kind of tricks the AI knows–human players, especially in a 4 player free-for-all–will be apt to use even more intricate strategies, forge alliances, and develop their own styles of play.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round of Beta updates, and will look into participating in the next round. There will be more information to come, we’ve got some great screenshots to show you and hope you all want to get your hands on a beta. Keys may be limited, so do contact us.