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Delve Deeper Screenshot

What’s made the combat more dangerous is a combination of faster, more damaging exchanges between all the angry little inhabitants of the mines–including your Dwarf teams–and changes to the monster spawning to make smaller groups of more powerful monsters able to challenge┬ámore than just a lone Dwarf. This makes combats more exciting, and also lowers the time spent watching once you know which side of a huge melee is the inevitable winner.

And to make these combats more fun and easier to manage as a player we now place crossed-axes Battle Markers around all the tiles with monsters on them. This will allow you to avoid battles you don’t want to fight and locate enemies when you do. The monster squads all move at the same time on their turn now, speeding up gameplay, so these changes will let you keep aware of all the mine’s dangers.

Giving the player more valuable information was one of our biggest Beta comments, and to that end, we’ve also done some interesting things with the core gameplay itself. More on that next time.