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As mentioned previously, the AI’s gotten a bit of a spit shine. Not only have they been tweaked to be savvier about the game and take full advantage of the other updates, but they also have unique teams.

Delve Deeper Screenshot

Each AI mining team has a squad name, a unique makeup of Fighters, Miners and Scouts and themed names to go with them. If your opponent turns out to be the “Dragonslayers,” you can expect a lot of mythology references and a team full of Fighters ready for action. ┬áIf they are the “Graniteers” you should prepare for a team of four mineral-named Granite Scouts and Captain Granite, a fighter. When their powers combine, you get hit with an axe.

Keeping the humor up is important, but it also is important for understanding how your opponents will play. The personalities of each of the teams is defined by their membership, afterall. Five fighters will behave very differently than five scouts, which gives each AI squad a unique flavor, and makes each match unique.

And you better be careful, rival mining teams are more dangerous than they’ve ever been, now that combat and the monster gameplay has been tweaked from Beta feedback.