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This has been an extremely busy day at the Lunar Giant Studios spacelab!

Due to how fast things are moving with distributors and media, we’ve decided to move up the release of the Demo Version on the heels of our Multiplayer Teaser, which we are no longer hosting here, and are looking forwards to seeing people playing both. The full version will ship with more monsters, more levels, special customization options that we’re being mysterious about… and might be available for XBox and PC sometime around the end of this month.


We want to thank the independent games media for the coverage, we never expected such a warm reception! We also thank all the regular gamers for their tremendous outpouring of interest and support, and apologize for the sever error that kept us down recently. It means so much to the two-and-a-Stig of us.


We’re going to be updating with a bunch of screenshots and a game trailer soon! Also in news, we’ve got a forum now. Those of you with the beta or teaser should go grab some friends to show, and point them here where they can get the demo themselves.