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Just a quick post to let everyone know that we’re part of this exciting bundle (we also built the website!).

Even more exciting Delve Deeper news soon.


We just wanted to say thinks to all of the wonderful Redditers and games journos out there for their kind words about Delve Deeper being in this bundle:

“Haven’t played the others, but Delve Deeper is awesome” – on Reddit

“Delve Deeper is pretty sweet :)”- on Reddit

“Delve Deeper alone is worth the purchase. Four more games makes this a steal.” – on Reddit

“But the real winner here is Delve Deeper, which you might remember from this review. It alone is already worth the 5 bucks it costs, so this is a perfect way to get 3 more games out of that and be pleasantly surprised.” – noobFeed

“Great new indie bundle: 5 for $5 Bundle… I can personally attest for three of these gems.” – Geoff Gibson, as always, classy (I think we’re one of the games he’s attesting for, at least!)