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Welcome to Lunar Giant’s new series, “250 Indie Games Journalists You Must Pay (for coverage).”  This is, of course, based off of a little book by journalist, Michael Rose, entitled “250 Indie Games You Must Play.”  We didn’t really ask Michael if we could do this, but we hope he likes it. Enjoy:

Don’t let his suave British demeanor or overuse of the exclamation “Wizard!” whenever something swell happens trick you – Michael Rose is definitely an indie games journalist that you must pay.  Pay for what you might ask?

Last year, right around the time we were about to release Delve Deeper, we contacted Michael for some press.  It’s par industry game; you go around to people with no interest in covering you, they slap you down harder than Lodsys with a lawsuit, then you move on to the next guy.  But not on this fateful day.  For on this night of June 12, 1922, we received a response from no one less than Michael Rose.

The Story As Remembered by Poplicola

I remember it well.  It was a cold night; a hard night.  One of those nights you let slide by with a glass of scotch and the newest edition of O Magazine.  Michael’s telegram hit my box:

“Send me some Belgian waffles and we might have a deal. -MR, Wizard!”

“This is just the break we’ve been looking for,” I remember saying to myself as I set down my copy of O Magazine.  And, well, when an indie games journalist asks you to send him some Belgian waffles, you try as hard as you can to oblige.  I contacted a few of the local Pony Express men, but they all sang the same sad story: “Sorry, can’t send waffles overseas.”

I had a bad feeling about this whole thing from the start.  I sent Michael a message back:

“Dear Michael,  Belgian waffles don’t travel well overseas.  Is there anything else we could possibly get you?”

I waited in anticipation for his reply.  Michael was known as a man who didn’t like to be crossed, and I half anticipated a cadre of death squad ninjas to appear at my door any second.

His response was as quick as the first: “Fine then just send me some of your tears,” he said.

As everyone knows, most indie developers are a bountiful supply of tears solely derived from desperation and failure, and most good indie journalists live off of a constant consumption of those tears.

“Okay,” we said, “where do we send them?”

The next four weeks were hell.  Michael had ended up demanding no less than 10 gallons of indie tears before reviewing Delve Deeper.  Our lead developer Adam sat staring into a mirror every day for 4 hours with a glass of water, a stool, and a bucket.  I talked with my dog several times a day about the success of Minecraft until my eyes dried up.  Weeks were spent doing this, and I’m fairly certain we lost count of what year it was at some point.

Well eventually, my wife pulled me out of the wet, broken-down puddle that had become my crying bed, and we shipped those tears off to England via the Titanic.  Michael went on to cover us here, here, and here.  But there are still some nights, when the cold wind blows hard through the open windows of my house just right, that I think back to the time when Michael Rose asked us for 10 gallons of tears, tested our mettle, and made us the men we are today.

Thank you Michael.  Enjoy the tears.

If you have a Michael Rose story, please feel free to share it below in the comments.