Just The Facts: Is L.A. Noire a Noir?

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L.A. Noire is was the magnum opus of Team Bondi, who built a sprawling mid-40′s Los Angeles as the setting for their technologically dazzling and impressively acted period piece. With their dedication to detail, their obvious love of the time period, and extensive references–even a name–highlighting the Film Noir style they want to evoke, I… Read more »

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

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I have not posted here in a while, but I’ve been busy developing ideas for our next big game. One of the concepts I like the best for our next game is this Film Noir styled game set in the 1930s that I worked up.  After working on it for a bit I can say… Read more »

Developer Diary 025: All The Single Ladies

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Heya Space Cadets, My writing schedule has been all messed up for a bit now, I’ve been scrambling to get a real mountain of work done before it topples over and crushes me, so I’ve had to stay away from the keys a lot more than I’d like to. That said, despite the fact this… Read more »

Developer Diary 024: Amnesia In Space

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Heya Space Cadets, I know I had said I’d probably do a big info-drop today and show the document I’ve been working on, but with Valentine’s Day having absolutely creamed my time last night, I didn’t have enough time to get stuff cleaned up and ready to be published. Part of what caught my eye… Read more »

Developer Diary 023: Explosive Lemonaide

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Heya Space Cadets, “Hey guys, what do we think happens when a roaring inferno hits a Keg of 120 proof alcohol?” Yesterday I sent out that rather ominious Skype text. If you’re a designer sitting there, hoping not to have a terribly overcomplicated game, and then someone asks for information on simulating Beverage Explosion, I… Read more »