Lunar Giant at Indy Pop Con!

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We’re going to be at the VERY FIRST Indy Pop Con from May 30 – June 1 showing off our controllers, Project Libity, and a new game. Come drop by and say hello, and if you wanna learn something, check out our panels too! How to Publish and Market Your Indie Game Releasing a successful… Read more »

Publishing Your Indie Game

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There are more indie games on the market than ever, and it’s getting harder to stand out. What do you do as a new company? We jump into this topic along with David Finseth and David Laskey of The Amiable, with Dave Lang helming the ship. This is a panel that Lunar Giant organized for… Read more »

Indies Should Publish Indies

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The tools to create and distribute games these days are free or practically free, cheap, and widely available. Just about anybody with an inexpensive laptop can put their game idea into the world. The amount of games developed by small teams further proliferates because of this, and so do their sales. As with all industries… Read more »

We Are Not Making Dwarven Delve

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We are synonymous with Delve Deeper. That game, which we released in September 2010 introduced players to our take on the incredibly lucrative dwarves-in-tunnels genre. It’s been critically well-received and we’ve developed a loyal fan base around it. While we certainly don’t own the patent on dwarf games, Delve Deeper is what we are known for…. Read more »

Russ and Jay Talk Open Source Hardware

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As hackerspace founders, and makers ourselves, Russ and I have quite a bit to say about open source hardware and how it’ll play a role in the future of video games. Apropos right now considering the recent Steam controller announcement.