We Do More than Make Games

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Howzit hanging and splanging Lunar Giant friends, So. Lunar Giant is changing. Yes, we are a games company, but we are spreading our LG wings and branching out into some new territory. The obvious thing for me to say is that it’s exciting, interesting, and really really cool – because that’s my job. But I… Read more »

The Best is Yet to Delve – Delve Deeper Hits Humble Store

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Hey dwarf wonks and aspiring blacksmiths and blackbelts, Lunar Giant is back. We have a bunch of exciting news. Let’s get to the most immediate announcement: Delve Deeper, your favorite treasure-collecting, monster-slaughtering, beard-beating game is launching on the Humble Store at a hefty 75 percent discount. Using our space calculators, that tells us you can… Read more »